Fellow Forum Members,
I'm playing Florida Megamoney (4 picks of 1-44 & 1 megaball of 1-22), and I'm using LottoPro 2006, Lotto Sorcerer and Lotto 007 XP. What is a better strategy, spending $105 ($35 x 3) on three separate 7 wheels? Or spending $126 on one 9 wheel? I have been alternating between these two strategies and the best result I got was hitting 3 numbers using the nine wheel. But on the other hand, I also hit all 5 numbers on the 3 separate 7 wheels, although it doesn't count because not all 5 numbers were contained within one 7 wheel.

I'm contemplating moving on to abbreviated wheels. Can anyone out there recommend what is the best Software and / or strategy for these types of wheels? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.