View Full Version : What To Do If You Win The Jackpot

03-17-2005, 11:35 AM
More than 240 winners of at least $1 million responded to surveys (42% of all such winners) by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLGC) in 2003.
89% put money in the bank.
75% shared money with family or friends.
62% bought a new car.
58% paid off debts.
56% took a vacation.
47% donated to charity.
37% paid off mortgage.
34% bought a house.
28% paid for education for self/family.
15% changed their overall lifestyle.
6% bought a boat.
What was the experience like for the winners?
95% sought professional financial advice.
77% reported they had been contacted by the news media. 93% of those contacted said they received fair and courteous treatment.
47% of winners said they were solicited for donations. Among those solicited, 71% said it was "not a problem".
42% of winners either retired, gave up their job, changed jobs, went to school or opened their own business.

Major lottery winners in Canada are required to reveal their names and where they're from to lottery officials, and must also submit to being photographed before they can be allowed to claim their prize. A news conference is usually held to give the public a look at the newest millionaire.